Our Mission

The future of Juggernaut Cargo Bikes is replacing fossil fuel cars with multi-purpose bycicles that will make a brighter future.


Our Mission

3 Wheels are Better than 4.

Cargo bikes are, in essence, a workhorse that you don’t have to feed. They enable the transportation of many more pounds of goods than you could possibly carry on a regular bicycle, with much more economic and environmental efficiency than you get from a car. They’re your family vehicle, your work truck, your moving van, your party bus. They’re everything you would need a car for, but much more affordable, much more sustainable, and much more fun.

Juggernaut Cargo Bike's mission is to create alternative cycling modes of transportation that will help to “lighten the load” of traffic and fossil fuel vehicles, and continue to innovate commuter cycling lifestyles in the United States.